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Live Your ABUNDANT Life Now!
Do you ever wonder if there is more to life than what you are experiencing? Would you like an abundance of joy, peace, love and prosperity? Explore time proven strategies and principles to create and live a life of purpose and fulfillment – your abundant life.

7 Success Principles of Abundant Organizations
What differentiates great organizations, families, churches and businesses from the mediocre? Why do people thrive in one environment and not in another? Investigate the 7 success principles all great organizations have in common.

Stand Up and L.E.A.D.
We perish for lack of vision. The world needs men, women and youth who will stand up and lead ethically, abundantly, and with discipline. Discover the essentials for effective leadership.

Achieving Excellence and Abundance through Diversity
Do you dream of achieving excellence and experiencing abundance in your life, business, finances, and ministry? Identify and challenge perceptions and beliefs that may be limiting your success.

Balanced for Abundance
Are you amongst the millions who confess to struggling with maintaining balance in their lives? Are you often overwhelmed by all that needs to be done in so little time? Discover principles to live a balanced and productive life in spite of the circumstances

From Adversity to Abundance
Into every life, some rain will fall. And how you deal with and overcome adversity will determine how much success you experience. Learn proven techniques to effectively deal with diversity and use them to catapult you to greater heights.

A Woman’s Worth: Embracing God’s Vision for You
Women and young girls are bombarded, like never before, with images and ideals of what it means to be a woman. But, what does God have to say on the matter? This presentation will examine and de-bunk some common and harmful myths while teaching biblically based principles to encourage sexual purity, integrity and true beauty.

Becoming an Abundant Mother (Can also be customized for men and mixed audiences)
There is nothing quite like motherhood to strip one of pride and drain one’s sense of self. Discover strategies for overcoming the challenges of parenthood and learn to enjoy the journey.

Creating a Marriage of Abundance
Is Happily Ever After just a fairy tale or is it possible for you? Explore the deterrents to successful marriages. Learn how to create a loving, passionate, supportive, growing, joyful relationship with your spouse.

Abundant Power Now: A Call to Christians
Jesus declared that as Christians, we will do greater things than He did during His time on earth. Unfortunately, many Christians are exhibiting more fear than power. Discover God’s plan for overcoming fear and operating in His power.

Shaped for an Abundant Life
What shape are you in to achieve your goals? Could your health be keeping you from fulfilling God’s purpose for your life? Learn practical and small changes you can make daily to begin to improve your health and fitness levels.

The Abundant Life Invitation
My testimony of losing four children to being a mother of five children today through Christ’s invitation that I could have His Abundant life.  

… and topics customized to your event.

Each of these presentations can be custom-tailored to fit the following formats:
* 30-minute sermon * 45, 60, or 90-minute presentation * Workshop Series
* Half-day or All-day Seminar * Weekend conference

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